Evidentiary Bodies : Barbara Hammer

“Norman Scott Johnson and I met in an airport in Stockholm on our way to Oslo, he for a mini vacation from his demanding work in architecture and I for a retrospective of my films at Kunsthalle Oslo. We became friends and hung out all weekend. On return to NYC I asked Scott if he’d perform his cello ( multi-talent!) during my upcoming performance about living with cancer. We jammed! We laughed! We cried! Scott was willing to try anything! We saw ourselves paying homage to Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik. The performance has become a film (same name) and premieres February, 2018 at the Berlinale. We are going together-who knows what work might follow?” 

-Barbara Hammer 1/17/18

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston: April 27, 2019 – August 5, 2019

Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH: Opening May 2019

Duet for Cello and Film

Duet for Cello and Film was composed and performed by N. Scott Johnson to accompany the film score of Barbara Hammer’s Evidentiary Bodies for the 2018 film festival in Berlin. While Johnson recorded the film score during an improv session with Hammer at a sound studio in New York, the accompaniment is intended to be performed live during a screening of the film.

Visual Film Score, Duet for Cello and Film by N. Scott Johnson with images from Barbara Hammer’s Evidentiary Bodies

Whitney Museum : Microscope Gallery Performance

“Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905–2016 focuses on the ways in which artists have dismantled and reassembled the conventions of cinema—screen, projection, darkness—to create new experiences of the moving image. Dreamlands: Expanded is a series of expanded cinema events organized by Microscope Gallery in Brooklyn in collaboration with the Whitney Museum.” 

“New York based artist and queer cinema pioneer Barbara Hammer premieres her new performance and multi-disciplinary work Evidentiary Bodies. Armed with portable, fixed and live projectors and cameras, the artist moves about the space projecting video onto inflated balloons, photographic prints, x-ray scans of her own body, as well as onto the bodies of the audience members. One person extends to many and many people extend to one, challenging the concept of the proscenium screen and the stable audience. The performance also includes live sound by Norman Scott Johnson on cello.”

“Whitney Museum of American Art , October 2017”

Exhibit Installation/Rehearsal, Dreamlands Immersive Film Exhibit, Whitney Museum of American Art at Microscope Gallery
Sound Study with Barbara Hammer

Visual Score for Nudewalk by N. Scott Johnson with images from Barbara Hammer’s Film, Impatient Press

Video Portrait by Barbara Hammer, 2018