West Village AIDS Memorials

The idea is to create a performance/installation piece that connects two existing AIDS memorials in the West Village (St. Vincent’s Triangle Park dedicated in 2016 and Pier 49 Hudson River Park dedicated in 2008) to reinforce the social and cultural link between the Village and the waterfront. The earliest St. Vincent’s AIDS victims were evacuated through a tunnel under 7th Avenue and released to family and loved ones in the current St. Vincent’s Triangle Park. However, 1,000 unclaimed bodies were ferried to Hart Island in the Bronx and buried anonymously. This project creates a symbolic journey that returns the memory of those buried on Hart Island back to St. Vincent’s. Each soul will be symbolized by LED lights attached to individual piles of Pier 49, welcoming them back to the Village. From Pier 49, an audience procession to the St. Vincent’s memorial will pass through a quilt of stories triggered by GPS, collected by loved ones, families and caretakers who have been impacted by the disease. At St. Vincent’s, live feed images of the LED lights on Pier 49 will be projected onto the memorial fountain. There will be performance elements at both memorials with choir(s), performers and dancers.

“Magic happens just after dusk. Photovoltaic lights, attached to individual piles gather energy during the day and glow at night.”


View of the old pilings from Pier 49 looking from the Hudson River Park AIDS Memorial

Proposed Pier 49 Hudson River Park AIDS Memorial. Photovoltaic LED lights attached to individual piers gather energy during the day and glow at night

NYC AIDS Memorial at St. Vincent’s Triangle Park. Live feed images of the lights on Pier 49 projected onto the memorial fountain with audience interaction.